Nine Years Since

Dorothy Bridges

I stood there on the steps of the university library
Knowing at twelve-thirty you'd probably be there,
You were there.....
My heart stood still.

I saw you standing at the altar,
Knowing you would claim me,
You took my hand
My heart stood still.

A thousand times I heard the front door close,
Then your arms were around me.
You were home.
My heart stood still

Like chapters in a book the good times came.
The lovemaking, the children, the adventures,
The history of our romance.
My heart stood still with wonder.

'"Mrs. Bridges," they said, "come to the room now."
And there you were or really not there,
My darling gone forever,
So went my heart.

Today isn't it incredible? Many years have brushed
against me,
Yet the tears have not yet washed me away.
From your picture on the wall I see you loving me.
My heart stands still.

March 10, 2007