Birthday Card To Myself

Dorothy Bridges

If you've the time, I’ll now relate
What Fate awaits at 88­
That mean ol’ mirror on the wall
Decides it's time to tell it all.
And it's worse than once I feared.
Too many wrinkles have appeared.
The lines are deeper, now I see
Someone I think you knew was me!
All body parts have fallen more
With pains l never had before.
I’ll probably forget your name,
My penmanship is not the same,
My concentration so bizarre
I'm not allowed to drive the car.
And added to the truth I've said,
My favorite place to be is bed!
I think it's good for me to tell
The many things that turned out well.
I'm grateful that I have my sight
And ears that let me hear all right.
I wobble when I walk, so what?
I get there though I run or not
I still can eat most food preferred,
I like martinis gently stirred.
I laugh a lot at naughty jokes,
I feel at home with actor folks.
So many friends still hold my hand,
And even some I never planned.
My children bless me every day,
Then hold the tears and fears at bay
I have a future, that I know,
For Dr. Johnson tells me so.
Here's lucky me to live and learn,
To count my good at every turn.
I found my new and starring “role-a,”
Great-grandma to my darlin’ “Lola”!

September 19, 2003