Another Valentine To Bud

Dorothy Bridges

One winter day before you died
You planted a deep red rose outside
And said, "These blooms will be the sign
I want you for my valentine."
I tried to send you one last year,
It was no use for you weren't here.
I even tried the year before.....
What makes me take my pen once more?
I see the day is drawing near,
My yearly purpose makes it clear,
Iíll write the words and use what art
To let you know what's in my heart.
But this is hard to do, you see,
For you have gone so far from me.
Shall I address it to a star?
Perhaps the sea is where you are.
You can't answer me I know,
Or show my message how to go.

But spring still comes, and winter goes,
Then suddenly I see your rose.
It lets me know this lovers' day,
That always love can find its way,
For I am yours and you are mine.
It's our eternal valentine.

February 14, 2000